MC1-1D (Modified)

Provides a capability to deliver an airborne soldier, and individual equipment, from an aircraft in flight, for a vertical assault on the enemy.

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The MC1-1D (Modified) Parachute, is used primarily for premeditated jumping when a precise maneuverable soft landing in a small target area is necessary. The MC1-1D (Modified) has an improved separate deployment bag with a universal static line and by changing the canopy cloth from 1.1 oz to 0-5 CFM porosity;
specification MIL-C-44378. This reduces the rate of descent when jumping into high altitude drop zones. Modified Harness and Pack with longer Shoulder Pads and Saddle Cushion for comfort and an added Yoke Flap for improved handling.

Additional information

Maximum Gross Weight

360 Lbs. (159 kg)

Rate of Descent

13 to 20 Fps (4-5 m/sec)

Assembly Weight

29 lbs

MC1-1D (Modified) data sheet

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