About US

FXC Corporation is a privately held, California corporation, established in 1973 and federally recognized as operating as a Small Business entity.
Located in Costa Mesa, California, FXC is an ISO 9001 certified quality management system company.

Our industrial park facility, near Santa Ana John Wayne Airport, totals 45,000 square feet.

With its division, Guardian Parachute, the FXC Corporate organization is an approved supplier of Critical Safety Items products to the U.S. DoD and International military customers.

FXC’s business base and core capabilities are design, test, manufacturing and distribution of build-to-print military application mechanical & electro-mechanical devices and parachute systems.

Also, FXC maintains innovative capabilities for proprietary new product development in aircrew protective equipment and aerial delivery systems for military applications.

Based in France, FXC Europe is a branch operation of FXC Corporation and serves Baltic, UK, and European clients.

FXC maintains representation agreements with distribution organizations in Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Capabilities Statement

Product Design Engineering & Management

  • In-house Engineering and Management expertise supplemented by established consultant Subject Matter Experts with significant industry knowledge and experience.
  • Systems Engineering disciplined and risk management analysis/mitigation.
  • Design Engineering for Personnel, Cargo, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle parachute applications
  • Process, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineering
  • Program and Project Planning, Coordination and Control
  • Electronic, Electro-Mechanical, and Mechanical Engineers


    • Contract Sewing and building to print parachute canopies (parafoil, flat circular, conical, ring sail, ribbon, harness, containers, and components
    • Prototyping, Proof of Concept Demonstration Articles
    • Manufacturing Studies and Labor Reduction Process flow


      • Personnel Parachute Test and Evaluation Experience
      • Product Development Project Support flexibility and production surge capability responsiveness
      • Management experience for Technology and Manufacturing readiness level program execution
      • Multiple work shift surge capability

      Corporate Memberships

      FXC Corporation and Guardian Parachute support the aerospace life support and aerial delivery industry by long-standing corporate memberships in the following organizations: