T-10D (Modified) Troop Back Personnel Parachute

Provides a capability to deliver an airborne soldier, and individual equipment, from an aircraft in flight, for a vertical assault on the enemy.

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The T-10D Parachute provides the capability to safety delivery an airborne soldier and individual equipment from an aircraft in flight, for a verticle assault on an enemy. The T-10D is the same as the T-10B/C. The only difference is the Universal Static-Line that adjusts so it can be 20 ft long if jumping from C-17 or a C-47 aircraft. It can be shortened to 15 ft. if the aircraft is a C-130. One static-line for all aircraft so Riggers do not have to configure the parachute in order to have the right length static-line. The pocket bands have been lengthened to 11 3/4” inches to provide a more positive opening and a 4.37 ft. (overall) increase in the canopy to reduce the descent rate to about 15 ft. per second. The harness and Pack have been improved with longer shoulder pads and a Saddle Cushion for comfort and an added Yoke Flap for improved handling.

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