MACH V Military Freefall Parachute System

The MACH V provides a full range Military Freefall (MFF) parachute system that directly results in mission impact advantages over other military parachute systems available today. Improvements to glide performance, canopy handling characteristics, and weight carrying capacity gives wider usability from troops just beginning freefall training through to the most active operators.

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The MACH V is specified for use up to 25,000 ft Above Mean Sea Level to an all up weight of 360 lbs. Both the main and reserve parachutes benefit from an efficient airfoil which delivers a >3.5:1 glide ratio, allowing jumpers to travel farther under canopy while providing a unique stall resistant ability that significantly reduces the potential for jumper injury on landing at any skill level. The harness has been developed to accommodate a wide range of users while offering greater comfort. The MACH V harness container can accommodate all mission essential equipment such as weapon tie down points, radio pouches, and use of oxygen systems.

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Weight 37.5 lbs