The extraction parachute jettison system (EPJS) allows jettisoning of an extraction parachute, extraction line, and line panel in the event of a malfunction during the extraction phase of the airdrop. The system is capable of jettisoning a single 15, 22, or 28-foot extraction parachute.

In our FXC facility, the Extraction Parachute Jettison System (EPJS) was designed and produced for the ARMY and is a significant component of the Advanced Low-Velocity Air Drop System described in the Capability Production Document (CPD) of September 2006. These units are approved equipment in US Air Force air mobility aircraft and are a designated system for the Airbus A400M and Embraer KC-390 military cargo aircraft. The EPJS is currently used by the military services of Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Belgium.

The FXC EPJD – Light & Heavy was designed and qualified for loads from 27,000-42,000 pounds and is currently in the DoD inventory. Also, FXC designed and proof-tested a super-heavy EPJD version (60,000 pounds).